How to ensure that your business contact stores your contact information instead of mislaying them?

The answer is clear: simplifying the storage process. Cardolution´s business card combines classic business cards with state of the art NFC technology. Thereby the complete set of contact information can be stored digitally to the electronic business card and can be accessed and transmitted within seconds to your PC/mobile phone – without typewriting.

the business card for the 21st century


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new premium-partnership with Tuomi and print for fun

We are proud to introduce you to our newest two premium-partners Tuomi and print for fun.

Further information can be found at section "How to buy"

BeyondPrint introduces Cardolution's NFC business card:

BeyondPrint tested Cardolution's NFC business card during Drupa 2012. Check out the video:


Vienna´s Sachgüteraward 2012 - Cardolution gets 3rd place:

Cardolution gets 3rd place at Vienna´s Sachgüteraward 2012. Please find the promotional clip at the following link:

video - electronic business card